Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bathroom signage

I know I should really post a pic of this sign, but I didn't have my phone with me...

So you all know I am a pescaterian (or however that fake word is spelled), meaning i eat fish occasionally. So whenever possible, my mom and i hit up the Vegetarian Wok Restaurant by her house. And it is my ABSOLUTE favorite place to nosh!!! But I don't really eat in as much as I should, but today, since my mom and I were hanging like Lieu Ladies of Leisure, she and I decided to take some time out and eat in at the veggie house. Before getting there, I drop Moose off at the groomers, so I go wash my hands in the restaurant. And you know what I see? I see a wonderful sign for all the Vegetarian Wok patrons. One that was so delicious, I could not believe my eyes. Now although this is a place many nuns and monks frequent because of its all veggie cuisine, the sign in the bathroom does not bless a customer nor have an enlightening proverb. Instead it reads: 'For the safety of the customers of Vegetarian Wok, please to not stand on the toilet seat.' STAND. ON. In the women's restroom.

Now I thought I saw a pretty good bathroom sign while at the Sony studios during my Deal Or No Deal set visit, but my favorite eating establishment hanging a sign of such great power. A sign that not only causes me to stop, read and reread to make sure I got that right, then laugh, look down at the seat and wonder, how would a female stand on the toilet seat to urinate? That, sir, is power greater than all the mafia families in New York.

Seriously, squat, yes, stand? I remain completely baffled.


Brent said...

Chi Lan... ha ha I will explain. You know you are in a really Asian part of town.

In Asia they have a lot of squat toilets. In fact in Indonesia if you build a new house, you always put a squat toilet in the maid's quarters.

Some Asians are not used to sitting on a seat to pee... instead they will climb on the seat and squat.

See what you've been missing all the time away from the old country!!!!

Dr V said...

Hahaha What a sign! I think it proves a point that many of our brightest minds have pondered for centuries...a lot of contortionists are vegetarians. You never saw Tony Soprano gracefully balanced over the toilet seat, answering nature's call after downing a 10lb sausage. haha