Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Today on TSS, Nextel phones in love

Since some of you are actually interested in my product insights, here's another.

You guys get a chance to watch my segment/skit about the indestructible Nextel i315 and i325 Phones? In short, the most common reasons phones break is because phones are dropped on ground, in water, used in rain and snow, thrown in rage, dog chewed on cell, or your tight pants caused the cell to burst-from sexiness of course. Well Nextel made phones that are military grade, which means they can withstand rain, sand, wind, and impact. Therefore, the only thing I could do is repeatedly drop the phone and throw it at a brick wall, for research and laughs. Mainly, it was for laughs. The phones are pretty sturdy, since they are made for hardcore work locations. But the best feature is the walkie-talkie function. It works even if the phone won't. it is great for disaster workers and the like. And there is a GPS function on the i325, but it comes at a hefty price tag, $400. Get yourself a Magellan Roadmate 300 instead. it's more, but it's worth it.

And one of these days, just because we're on live TV, I'd like to scream out 'HAMMOCK UP BOYS!'


chrisuso said...

Hey, nice little skit on TSS today. It's good to see you Chi.

I'm thinking of getting a Treo 650, but nobody is giving some insight about them.

How about more APPLE products. I just converted over to Mac and would love to see more info on them.

I'm glad your still there and would love to see you host once in awhile. Stay motivated and hope things turn to the brightside.


Brent said...

I saw the segment... I also saw your buddy bounce it off the floor and break it..

They shouldn't be called indestructible phones, rather "Somewhat Resilient Phones"


Boss of Sad said...

My phones break from the sexiness whenever I so much as *look* at them. :-)

But that was a good segment you put together. It was pretty funny how the phones took all that abuse and then at the very end Kevin R. spiked it and it broke. I'm sure a couple of Nextel people pooped themselves when that happened.

Scrubs is one of the funniest shows ever. The hammock thing was classic.

Chi-Lan Lieu said...

I honestly didn't see anyone split the phone, but I guess they did after I left.

Boss of Sad, you're awesome for getting that reference. I was just watching Scrubs while writing this entry, and was utterly inspired by the performances.

Keep reading. I am testing your TV knowledge.

Thaman said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you THOSE PHONES ARE UGLY AS HELL!!!!!