Thursday, February 17, 2005

Another day, another pair of socks

It's Thursday and for a while there, I didn't think I would make it this far in the week with clean socks. Okay, I'm lying. I took a pair of my sister's, but I really needed them. One note of advice, wool socks and sneakers not a good idea in southern California. Really, no.

I am shooting a review of hte Delphi Myfi (portable satellite radio device) today, and the Nextel Indestructible phones segment will air Tuesday on The Screen Savers. yeah, I get to do reviews all the time now! it's great!

I'd better run to work. But before I go, you all seem like nice people with strong film opinions. Tell me what you thought about Million Dollar Baby. And if you haven't seen it, don't read the comments because there will be a spoiler. I will post my thoughts in the comments a little later today.


Jason aka Dark Magician 25 said...

Hey look at the bright side Chi-Lan it is Thursday that means tommorow is Friday time...well maybe not. I dont know what the weekend will bring for you but i think i better bring laundry time lol.

Congrats on getting to shoot your reveiws today, its sorta begining to sound like G4 is trying to bring back a little of Fresh Gear, but that is only the speculation of one person pay it no mind.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy morning to post here.



Boss of Sad said...

See, I always wear cotton socks. Wool = itchy.

I look forward to watching your review of the Delphi XM device - I've been thinking about making the jump to sat radio (because commercial radio in general, and here in DC in particular, is pretty much just poo), and it sounds like I should just buy this one because it's so versatile.

As for Million Dollar Baby - pretty emotionally draining. Some of the acting was, I don't know, "off" in places (I wasn't really buying Hilary Swank's accent at certain moments), but overall it was good. Morgan Freeman was good, as always. Eastwood's in his 70s and still fierce as f*ck. I'd hate to be the guy dating his daughter (in real life, that is).

As far as the ending, I'm split. Part of me thinks they were a bit too blunt in making their political point, and part of me thinks they pulled it off with finesse. And part of me just really wants a Krispy Kreme (apologies to Penny Arcade for co-opting that joke).

But speaking of his daughter, I did like the "reveal" at the very end where we find out the narration was actually the letter, and I thought the whole daughter subplot was well done, nice and subtle in providing Frankie's motivation for latching on to Maggie.

Other than that... ? I don't know much about boxing. In fact I think it's unnecessarily brutal. But coming out of the theatre I was tempted to go out and buy Fight Night for my XBox, so I guess they did something right with the boxing sequences.

To borrow from X-Play, I give it a 4.... out of 5.

Brent said...

Well I am glad that you are getting to do so many product reviews. I enjoy checking out new gadgets too.

As Jason said, I am glad to see a little "Fresh Gear" back in the show. You could use your photogenic and tech talents to make video presentations for tech shows. I know California is rife with them.

You are a Mac person eh? What type of Mac do you have? I am using a PowerBook G4... I love it. Aside from network stuff I do videography on the side.

Have fun

rickey24 said...

Million Dollar Baby, I was pretty disappointed. It seemed like Rocky meets Brian's Song. Cliches ran rampant throughout and then to build up to such a cheap ploy seemed like nothing more than Eastwood manipulating sentiment through standard movie means.
Am I the only person in America who did not like this movie?

About time we start seeing you again on TSS. Maybe they can cut back on the on-line comic strips.

Anyway, I have found I am planning my clothes for the day around what color my clean socks are. I think that is what the weekends are for these days. Either doing a wash or buying some more socks.

CBSpaceCowboy said...

Very nice Chi-Lan, can't wait to see your reviews. I'm glad you get to get your hands on new technology. I'm actually jealous. And as for you sock situation, that kinda sucks. I'll be sure to make some money and buy you some more socks ;). Catch ya later


Cheyenne said...

As a matter of irony, I actually bought new socks today because I haven't bought socks in at least a year. Yep, the feel of new socks is a wonderful sensation for the feet.

Can't wait for the latest gadget in portable satellite radio! We have XM satellite radio in the vehicle and love it. I just hope the Delphi MyFi as hot as it looks.

As for Million Dollar Baby, I have yet to watch it, but from the comments I've read so far, it doesn't seem like it's much of a movie. Perhaps the little "spoiler" might push me one way or the other about seeing it.


Unicronz said...

Most of the movies that get praised by the Oscar committee usually arent that great ( LOTR being the only exceptionn) and thats because they knew people would turn on them if they tried to ignore it awards wise.

Just look at Cold Mountain that movie was horrible and the only thing that got it so much praise were the people in it.

If you want great cinema go watch IFC or look across the ocean to aaian and french films. now that is quality.

btw you beat yourself up too much about people not reading your journal type thingy most folks dont know that you have one so if you mentioned it from time to time when youre on tv people would check it out. take it from me Mr. T ....well not really mr t but you get the idea im sure.


The Lord of the Bling said...

Was your job outsourced to China or something? It's a shame because they need more minorities at G4 Tech TV. Speaking of minorities, how about getting me Diane Mizota's phone number? She's alright.

Jason aka Dark Magician 25 said...

Chi-lan i hope what im about to say doesnt offend or make you dislike me in anyway but i fell its has to be said. Lord of the Bling I do have to say a few things about your comment. 1) it was highly distasteful to ask if her job was outsourced to China. 2) This is Chi-Lans personal BLOG not Chi-Lan's dating service. We are here to help support and provide a place where Chi-Lan can post and get a true reaction from the people that actually care about her and not what she can do for them. Ask not what your Chi-lan can do for you, ask what you can do for your Chi-Lan hehe.

CBSpaceCowboy said...

For real lord of the bling what were you thinking. I gotta back up dark magician and agree that was really distasteful. I mean have some respect.
Hope you don't kill me Chi-Lan, but I needed to speak my mind. Love ya Chi-lan

Brent said...

Geeze I can almost see Chi rolling her eyes at that goofy comment Bling... Besides the others are correct this is her personal Blog and if you think about it she is not going to comment on anything which might get her in Hot Water... and maybe Chi has the job because of her qualifications not ethnicity.

Fergus said...

Michael Medved Is an Idiot

Posted by James Wolcott

Yes, I know what you're thinking: "Tell me something else I don't already know."

But some things can't be reiterated enough.

Such as: Michael Medved is an idiot. He has a wet sock for brain. A thumbless grasp of the issues and a propensity for lachrymose whimpering when he doesn't get his way.

To wit, today's riposte to his critics in the Wall Street Journal's Leisure and Arts page. He blinks like a mole with minor astonishment that the fuss over Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby has "improbably and irrationally focused" Medved being such a shy maiden and all. He also mopes in advance that this controversy may produce big wins for this "sad, undeserving film" at Hollywood's annual feast of the Antichrist, otherwise known as the Academy Awards.

Medved, of course, has been in the whining vanguard of the moral conservative campaign against Million Dollar Baby, deploring what he calls its "sympathetic treatment of assisted suicide.' The movie is much more sophisticated than that, too sophisticated for Medved's reductive, nursery-lesson mind. The movie tells a story, the story deepens and darkens, and the dilemma the characters face is dramatized as a wrenching quandary, a mortal decision; like most tragic stories, it carries the pall of the irrevocable. To vulgarize it as disguised propaganda is to miss its artistry entirely, but then again to Medved, art is something that should carry warning labels so that gullible doofuses (his target audience) won't be lured astray.

He says now that his "main objection" to the movie is its "misleading marketing," which barely hints at its "pitch-dark substance." The man clearly doesn't know how to read images or interpret visual tones. The very sombre, purgatorial look of the film and its ads more than hints at what Medved thinks should have been slapped on the counter like fresh fish.

Now that audiences have discovered that gloom, Medved insists, they're avoiding the movie in droves.

"Obviously, that mournful impact has contributed to the movie's feeble box-office performance, with only $45 million in its first nine weeks of release (barely half of the proceeds for its chief Oscar rival, The Aviator)."

You would have thought on those years on the West Coast as a flimsy excuse for a film reviewer would have taught Medved something about box-office arithmetic, if only by osmosis.

It's not what a movie brings in per se, it's what it brings in relative to costs.

Million Dollar Baby was budgeted at $30 million. It's already made $45 million, and that doesn't include overseas box office and ancillary markets (cable, DVD, network sales, etc). Or the box-office windfall likely to occur should it win Best Picture Oscar.

The Aviator was budgeted at $110 million, and no doubt costs a helluva more to market and advertise than does the modest Eastwood production.

Million Dollar Baby was always intended to be a sleeper film. The Aviator is an old-style ballyhoo blockbuster. When all is said and done, MDB may outperform expectations and Aviator underperform; or not. But a snapshot reading of the box office receipts is meaningless.

But here's another comparison that may be more relevant.

According to Box Office Mojo, 72% of those who saw Million Dollar Baby graded it an A. Of those who saw Aviator, only 54% gave it an A.

The People have spoken, Medved. They find Million Dollar Baby guilty of being excellent. So quit pretending that Hollywood is "out of touch" with the audience, when it is you and your mustache who no speaka their language.

02.17.05 2:40PM · LINK · Pings (8)

Brent said...

Um... Fergus are you sure you have the right blog?

or is this Blog Spam ...hmmm "Blam" ok Chi you can quote me. ha ha

Brent said...

Hey Chi... I just read the TSS G4 Tech TV website and it said.. "There are many Websites Claiming to be run by Chi Lan, but only we have a link to the real one here...

Do you have any evil twins out there running websites? ha ha.

Or perhaps there is a poor man's Chi-Lan out there making a paltry attempt at your sabre-like wit. :)

Perhaps if someone annoys you... You can send them to one of these Chi-Lan-Faux sites..

Sie wissen, daß ich Sie necke.


Brent said...

Ok this is how bored I got after dinner tonight. I started reading about the Screen Savers then I kept hyper linking... Then I see Chi lan in a modeling shoot for charity... good work Chi... :) then Chi is in a music video with Sumi Das.. ha ha Cool tune... Chi are you into Techno?

You are a multi talented girl with lots of showbiz type friends. Too bad the real estate prices aren't cheaper. California looks like a big party.. I can't help but think about Madonna's song Hollywood.

One of the things I love about the US is the good broad band internet.. my fiance want's me to move to Indonesia.. and basically the phone lines there are like wires and tin cans. Broadband is cheesy too.


More than anyone. I posted this message on the TSS forums as username thaman092.The link:


Just copy the link above into your address bar. But just don't stop at the end of the seen part of it. It is continued.

Brent said...

Aw Chi Lan how cute your first stalker... ha ha Just kidding.

Thank God I'm not attractive and on TV.. hehe.

Chi-Lan Lieu said...

God you guys are all hysterical. I love reading all your posts.

On the issue about "There are many Websites Claiming to be run by Chi Lan, but only we have a link to the real one here...", yeah there was a jackass out there who decided to buy up the urls: and and posted crap as me. Not only that, this person told people to 'hit me up at'. Now get ready for this, since this person was sending people to sites and recommending that people buy products and spend money on 3rd party sites, I told this person to stop. And they write back as 'Chi-lan Lieu (notice the L is not capitalized)' and says he/she is not representing him/herself as me, but would be open to negotiation for the urls.

the funny thing about it is, I don't care! Hazaa! Guy in Wisconsin chose the wrong girl to try and get money from. And this is when I laigh my ass off. Good times.

oh, so yes, this is really me. And I was born in the year of the horse. This is the year of the rooster.

Brent said...

Wow... that is wacky. Using peoples infatuation with you to turn a buck.. just so long as they don't turn scary if you catch my drift. Seems like a lawyers advice might be in order. The term lawsuit sometimes has magical powers.

Brent said...

You know I had a website for a new product called.

"Component Hi Integration Local Area Networks Lacking Internal EUnification"
or the acronym "Chi-Lan-Lieu" but when I found your website I didn't want to cause confusion.

Jack Gore said...

Chi-lan, I refuse to watch Million Dollar Baby before the Oscars... I am a loyal fan of the Aviator... It's just a party thing...I was thinking of going to watch it and then posting my opinion here but, I ended up in Constantine instead... And now I have spoiled the ending of the movie by reading other ppls comments...If the movie gets some nods on Oscar night then I will be forced to watch it, but deal. But I still look foward to the next response feedback poll you give us...
and also if you could write a post where we can all bombard you with alot of off topic questions, it would be kuhl.