Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Jebus, will I ever sleep?

Not a whole lot interesting has happened, but I must say I got immersed in the movie 'BAD SANTA' while working out and couldn't stop until the movie ended. The movie is refreshingly brash, unsensitive, and alive with all the cultural 'no's' our moms and dads have taught us were bad over the years. Damn I find that movie good, silly good.

So after running for 45 minutes, I went home and as I walked up the stairs to my apartment (an entire floor!) I thought to myself, what did I do to have God spite me this much?! Damn.

And now it's 11:36 PM and I am sleepy. But that doesn't mean I'll sleep. Good night to the two people who read my blog. You know who you are, and I know who you are. It's a great relationship!


CBSpaceCowboy said...

hey chi-lan. I too know that feeling of not getting any sleep. Hope you get more sleep than I do. Sadly I'm an insomniac and probably wont sleep at all, and I'll be a zombie for a day or so. Now I must take my zombie self and proceed to go into the world of the living. Have a great day.

Boss of Sad said...

Bad Santa is simply an awesome movie. It was completely unashamed about crossing every possible line; in fact, it barely even acknowledged the *existence* of any lines. Quite a departure for Lauren Graham, who I like to watch on Gilmore Girls (yes, I'm a straight guy who like Gilmore Girls. Deal.). And I mean, any movie featuring a angry midget who unleashes a stream of profanity at Bernie Mac while dressed as an elf has to be good, right? :-)

Brent said...

No No No Chi... Bad Santa is well... Bad. It was just kinda a dark movie. Not a classic like A Christmas Story..Although the Santa in that movie could've been a bad Santa. I haven't seen but would rather watch Napoleon Dynamite it looks campy cheesy... etc..

You painted such a dark picture watching bad Santa and coming home to work on your Mac he he. I use Macs too.. and I live in a Red State.. ha ha I was a big PC User and Systems Admin but I use Macs at home to make video.

Jack Gore said...

Hey Chi-Lan, I read your posts...so that makes more then 2, heh, jk...But eh...I am a selective post responder... and alot of tiems i dont think i quite understand your messages... like they have double meanings or something... its over my head....or maybe they dont and ... well.... music helps me sleep....try that... till then

Jason aka Dark Magician 25 said...

Poor Chi-lan, so convienced she has only a few loyal readers and yet now look at the out pouring of support. Yeah some semblence of insomnia sucks. But look at the bright side any time you think your up late just add 3 hours to it and thats exactly how late im up 2 lol. Enjoying sleep sucks when you have an 8 am class :(

I do like your taste in movies, though I havent exactly been able to find time in my schedule to sit down and watch Bad Santa. Yet i can seem to find time to post on your blog...go figure.

Ok i have to say this. After some experience with it I have come to a very simple conclusion. Excessive excercise is the devil. Im not saying that doing something for a little while is bad but doing it for 45 minutes seems like a bit of maddness for me. Probably cuz i have this weird thing to where very little excercise shows good results, or atleas the results i wanted to do the excercise to begin with.

yam said...

I've been reading your blog too, and I'm an old fart, so that makes it more than 5 now for sure who read and enjoy your blog! Hope you got to sleep OK last night!


Chi-Lan Lieu said...

Man this is great. So many of you banded together to wish me a night's sleep. And it worked! Wow, what would happen if I said i cut my finger?

cbspacescowboy, don't zombie out too much.

Boss of Sad, I like your critique of Lauren Graham. I don't watch the Gilmore Girls, but my sister does. and from what I can tell, Graham is a talented artist who doesn't need to do a project unless it compells her. those residuals keep a lady sitting pretty i am sure. And I,too, have a love for the small person character. I was so into small people and elves during christmas that when i worked in the Promos Dept. at a network, I pithced and got produced a campaign that had a punk elf named Elvin.

Brent, please watch the movie again. Bad Santa is sooo good because it is such dark, cruel, sadistic humor that laughs at its own obsurdity. And who doesn't love Therman Merman?

Jack, thanks for the music advice. will try next time.

Dark magician, yeah, you do kind of beat me in the insomnia battle, but we still have the war! :) anyhow, the whole 45 minutes running was due to my lazy ass watching a movie, otherwise i can't keep running on a machine even if someone paid me. I'm no hamster, but put the Simpsons on a TV in front of me, and I will never get off the machine.

Brian, how old is 'old fart'?

The Lord of the Bling said...

Well this is the week that the gay Simpsons character gets married. The speculations from Mad magazine:

Snowball II - Who says all those hairballs she coughs up came from her?

Milhouse - Sidekicks are ALWAYS gay: Robin the Boy Wonder, Kevin Rose, John Edwards...

Comic Book Guy - Never seen with a girlfriend...oh, wait, that's because he's a comic book guy, not because he's gay. Sorry.

Waylon Smithers - If for no reason other than no Simpsons fan would ever see it coming.

Sideshow Bob - With all that time spent in prison, it was inevitable.

Kent Brockman - Everybody knows that the last heterosexual working in local TV news retired in 1998.

yam said...

"old fart" for me is forty-something. pretty old and pretty farty, huh?


infiorno said...

I just gotta say that switching to reviews was the best thing you ever did. I think your personality shines more when you have more creative control of your segments. Good job!

Jayboy said...

I'm just happy that someone out there is using Jebus.

"Saaaave me Jebus!"- Homer