Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Distraction - Wax Poetic Gameshow

The sweet poetry of sophomore humor has been rolled into a gameshow they call 'Distraction.' let me take a moment and tell you all why this show is SOOOO good. The purpose is to answer trivial questions while you're being tormented on set, being put through some of the most tortorous and confusing distractions your depraved mind could conjure. I am sad I am not a writer for that show...From wigs to cod pieces, we all mature with time. And ketchup. I like ketchup too. The single packets.

Distractions from the show: Answer tirvia questions...
1. when you know the answer, press button and someone smashes vase full of flowers on your head
2. win a new car by answering 4 simple questions, get one wrong, and they smash the winshield OR spraypaint the exterior OR slahs the tires OR throw bricks at the car.
3. and this is my absolute favorite: Drink two gallons of water, and to answer a trivia question, you need to sit on these toilets behind short stalls on-set, and your buzzer rings when you pee. PEE on TV people! FCC be damned!

I must have please the Gods on Mount Olympus because they have blessed with me with 30 miutes of pure human grandeur.


Brent said...

I guess life imitates the internet... perhaps. Are there going to be any wardrobe malfunctions?

Encephalitis said...

I don't know what it is about British accents, but they allow a host to say the most malicious things and sound goofy/cute rather than cruel/cold-hearted. It's a great program--making contestants arm-wrestle sweet old ladies to buzz in, then changing the format after a couple questions by having their "sons" come in and tazer the contestants when they buzz in; how many crusty hippie nudists can you fit in a phone booth?-- good stuff.

The show does raise the bar on the age-old-question-- how far will people go to get on television?

ddavenport said...

Granted, the FCC doesn't regulate what can be shown on cable, his show is good clean fun...well, actually not so clean.