Sunday, August 07, 2005

The 40 Year-Old-Virgin

I saw Steve Carell's new movie about a...(drum roll please)...40 Year-Old-Virgin (cymball crash here)! And as much as you expect this to be a non-stop laugh riot, it is also a sweet romantic story, which everyone in the movie wants to make sure you realize. Yes Judd Apatow and Steve Carell, I watched the film and know that down in the heart of it, the movie is a cute love story, but it is full of really great laughs. And a really hot grandmother. You heard of MILFs, here, Catherine Keener plays a GILF, (thank god they didn't call her that in the film), and you can feel your attitude towards her change when she tells you she has a grandkid. The movie is silly, silly fun with some good hearted laughs that a lot of DOODs will relate to.

Enough about the film already. Now about my interviews with the stars. I will recount a couple of funny interview answers I thought would enlighten our muddied visions of life, and a couple that made me giggle.

me: Steve, that was your real hair that was waxed off your chest. But your back had no hair in the movie. Did you wax that?
Steve: No, I was born with all the hair on my back growing out of my chest.

me: What are viewers going to get from seeing this movie?
Steve Carell: I hope the movie makes them want to go out and vote.
Paul Rudd: It's a funny movie. I hope this movie makes them laugh, laugh so much that they pee, just a litttle in the movie theater.

That's right people, the humans that were on the seat before you PEEd on the seat. PEE! You're sitting in human PEE!

thank you and good night.


Jarrett said...
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Jarrett said...

I actually want to see this (the movie, not people peeing in the seats).

Marcus said...

If the pee-fetish people get word of that response, this movie will do better than Star Wars.

chaos540 said...

Hey i know this is off topic but four brothers is a great movie 2 yah luv ya on g4

EZMezzo said...

Saw the movie, and I thought it was funny. Between the funny ha ha moments, the story actually has a soul, kind of like There's Something About Mary.

Zack said...

Hey sounds like a pretty good movie, and interviews are always fun. Sitting in left over human waste on the other hand...

Great material here by the way. It's always fun to come read your blog. You even inspired me to start my own. Hoo-rah!