Monday, December 08, 2008

Stone Mountain

Finally, after about 7 weeks of being in Atlanta and freezing for most of it, I decided, 'hey, I am not going to let this cold weather stop me from being outdoors!' So I pack up my gorgeous dog Stella and we head to Stone Mountain, the largest piece of exposed granite in America. Now it doesn't look big while you're hiking up the mountain, some of it through a pitch of 30 degrees of hell, but thank goodness it was all of 45 degrees out there, because under my 4 layers and fleece, yeah I got some So Cali blood coursing through these veins, I started sweating! And sweating like I was taking a stroll through the gates of hell, hi-fiving the devil along the way. Anyhoo, this is the view from the top of the rock. It is beautiful and makes me realize, Georgia, your peach is flat!


Brent said...

It is more fun in the summer when it's warm... the ride to the top is scenic.

Dr V said...

Glad you're exploring the new digs Chi-Lan, and not letting the weather hold you back. Well actually the weather there is freakishly cold right now. So you'll get back to milder Winter weather soon. But now is definitely the time to do Stone Mountain climbs, because when the summer comes, you'll just be thankful that God created A/C! ^_^