Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let me just jump you back into my life.

all right, i have a lot to catch you up on, but i have to go on a rant for just one second. why is it that my DVR, the HD-DVR from Comcast, always cut out, especially when it rains in Atlanta? And for some reason, it only cuts out during the show i am watching, not during the f*cking commercials?! I know you feel my pain.

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Dr V said...

Hahaha Isn't that Murphy's Law hard at-work in Atlanta? haha I use DirecTV, and why is it that the "Storm of the Century" occurs when the program I want to record comes on? haha Well don't take your situation lying down Chi-Lan! Get those Comcast hustlers out there to check your connection. It might be a short of some kind, which is beyond your ability to repair.

P.S.: Glad you're venting again! ^_^