Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stella's job offer

Sure helping Santa Claus on the most important day of his year would be an honor for my little girl, but screw him. She my dog! Hands off old man. I'll let you hold her, but you best be on your sled as soon as I take her back! And don't let me see you anywhere near her again, gifts or not! All right, drop the gifts down the chimney but don't let me catch you trying to entice her to the North Pole with promises of grandeur again. You jerk.

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Dr V said...

Haha That's right Mr. Chubby Claus, just because a lady sits on your lap, doesn't mean she's ready to spend her prime years working her butt off for you! He's no Grinch, and this is not Whoville! Our Stella is not so easily seduced my friend!!!! ^_^