Sunday, December 14, 2008

Amicalola Falls State Park

This is what 732 feet of waterfall looks like, and honestly, the picture cannot do it justice. Over an hour outside of Atlanta sits this amazing state park, home to the tallest waterfall I have ever seen. So even though Stella (all 6 lbs of her) and I undertook a 4 mile hike yesterday, we decided to get motivated and see the falls today.


Dr V said...'s really spectacular! I'm sure this place is buzzing with people when it's warm outside. Glad to see you're getting your bearings in Atlanta. But please, don't start calling the Civil War, the "War of northern aggression." Then you'll be too deep undercover! haha

Rake said...

There's nothing wrong about mentioning the war of northern aggrssion.

Welcome to Atlanta.

Thanks for the great photo of the falls. We are planning on visiting it soon.