Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fox studios visit

Yesterday i headed to the Fox lot to see a short film a friend of mine had wrote, produced and directed. It was called Jarred and he was able to have a screening at the 'Little Theater' on the lot. Obviously this dude is a big wig over there at Fox. The silliest thing is that I live a good 45 minutes (about 14 miles) from the Fox lot. and the movie was 11 minutes long. Ummm.....I was so gonna not go, but when you have made a short film, you want support however you can get it. After the 11 minutes, i should have gone with my gut and not shown up.

anyhow, my wonderfully sweet neighbor and friend decided to throw caution to the wind and go with me. So after the 11 minutes, I had no other choice but to buy him dinner. the movie cost me money. Now the movie wasn't horrible, and for a directorial debut, it is amazing that it was shot on FILM, oh the glory days of filmmaking. But I have a film degree and made many a short in my day, so it is tough to watch things with my unflinching eye. i think my friend Izzy put it best when he said, 'even at 11 minutes, it seemed long.'

Fast forward to him and i trying to make our getaway and find our route out of the studio. Driving out, i screamed, STOP!!!!! i saw a donut and a Homer hand. I needed to take a picture and blog about it. And in front? a little Bart topiary. Behind all these Simpsons statues is the house Springfield built. It looks like that little house and the large two story apartment across the way are where all the Simpsons magic happens. I am not impressed by much, but this made me giddy.


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Dr V said...

"...even at 11 minutes, it seemed long." hahaha Well those are chilling words that have caused many creative talents to remain trapped in the arctic freeze. BUT, it's one point in the growth process. Hopefully your friend will continue to improve, and connect with his story-telling style. Yes, your gut told you what the outcome of this screening would be, but your heart told you that your presence might make a difference in your friend's road to progress. I think you did the right thing, and received the Simpson house as a reward. ^_^

Let's give some accolades for that excellent job of composition...and with a phone camera! You framed the winding road for depth, and continuity to the house. You had the bush for texture, and the hand and donuts a punch of color. Awesome!!!! Your photo made ME giddy! ^_^