Saturday, June 21, 2008

Doggie Dental Day

It is saturday and this is our doggie dental technician. Yes she is a holistic and gentle so the dogs don't freak out. And that is Stella all wrapped up in a blanket to keep her comfortable. It is things like this that make me realizw, 'damn, I am really LA.'


Dr V said...

Holistic doggie care. Hmm... Yes my dear are what you are! So it's good that you can confess your LA-isms with your own fingertips. haha

This dental setup is quite different from the ones where I've seen. The dim lights I feel help a lot. Now Stella will be so proud to show-off her pearls when you're taking her for a walk, and all those strangers are trying to reach down to "pet" your dog. Grrrrrr!!!!! hahaha

Brent said...

Give her milkbones