Monday, May 05, 2008

What little dogs do to adults...baffling.

this was stella at the vet. at this point she was PISSED after getting her nails clipped and putting on her new 'hat'. Let's just say, there were whimpers of bloody murder while her nails were being worked on. It's pretty funny to hear a vet hold hold her hand over a dog's eyes, saying, 'don't watch. it won't be so bad if you don't see it.' As for her hat, it's necessary to keep her from licking her spay wound, which is still healing, hence her prolonged stay at our friend's home. She is adorable though!


Brent said...

I'm afraid after becoming a new daddy at 45 I may have a spay wound soon.... sigh

Dr V said...

Great picture! Looks like Stella is contemplating her life with her new family. She's been there such a short time, and already she's in the hospital getting pieces cut off her. haha