Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Duran Duran

Ok not sure if you can tell, but that's Simon LeBon of Duran Duran fame! And how did I get this photo? Amid all of the Stella hullabaloo my sister and I were able to take a friend to the concert for her birthday. Now being a kid in the 80s and 90s and female, you know I'm a fan of DD! Of course they did all of their classics with a few new songs sprinkled in there, and the set was amazing! Since they've been together for ages, you expect them to be together, but kind of bored. Not so! Their sound was pretty perfect, the members had great chemistry, and the hi-def cameras and screens broadcasting the performance inside the Nokia theater showed me Simon is a fan of botox, nick loves well blended eye make-up, and john taylor is just the epitome of perfection! :)
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Brent said...

I had most all Duran Duran's albums back in the 80's (Yes Albums). A friend of mine saw them a year ago when they came here. She said she felt bad because Simon was a little paunchy in the middle... not like she had remembered him from 83... hey over twenty years have gone by.

Dr V said...

One can only expect that the band that gave birth to best visuals in a performance, would be well-positioned for the age of HD. I've heard Miss Diana Ross, Miss Ross if you're nasty, isn't so kind with her image on the jumbo-tron. ^_^ Much to the dismay of her fans.

Jimmy OneBlack said...

Duran Duran (at least in their heyday) were awesome, and by awesome, I mean totally sweet. Like, RealUltimatePower(tm) sweet. I remember the video for "The Reflex" being one of the most surreal moments of my then junior high-aged life, and the video for "Union of the Snake" was stone-cold. Because, as Brucie K. says, that's how I roll, baby!

Nice site redesign, by the way. You should put up a schedule of when your various projects are on TV. You know, spread the word, max the exposure, and rock on, CL squared!

Peace out, yo.