Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Show!

Hello friends! Guess what? I just got the position of coorespondent for CW NOW, The CW's new weekly 30 minute show about the hottest trends in tech, fashion, beauty, and all things lifestyle. It is so exciting! We shot our first show last week and it shows every Sunday night at 7 pm.

This week I am covering the new 'baby food diet.' I swear, it's pretty delicious...something I didn't expect since anyone with a tongue knows baby food tastes like flavorless mushy poop. Maybe constantly eating this mess is the main reason behind our inabilities to remember our childhoods, hmmm???? We're trying to block out the horrible memories of brown crap that is pushed into our mouths by adults waving around a spoon always make a stupid propeller sound. We should commission a study.

Anyhow, the story will be a lot of fun and goes over nutrients of this delicious new way of eating that is sweeping the hollywood hotlist.

Now the show is really flashy and fun. Everyone tune in if you get a chance. We even discuss tech, which I am itching to kick some ass with! You know I wanna get down and dirty with HD on the cheap!

So watch this Sunday. More silliness to come. Promise, but as of now the little wrinkled buddy aka brain is about to run out on me.


yam said...

Congrats, Chi-Lan! I'm looking forward to it!

Stefan said...

Nice! Look forward to seeing it.

Donald said...

Congrats on the new show.

You bring up a good point on the baby food thing. I always wondered about that - why are parents so idiotic to say "here comes the airplane?"

Has a toddler seen a damn airplane? Do they have any idea what their fool parents are doing? No. In the 19th century, parents didn't do that crap because no one had seen an airplane. They probably said things like "open your mouth you little whiny poop-machine and eat this pureed gruel."

And that's the way it should be.

I'm going to make such a kickass dad.

The Duke said...

Chi-Lan - I keep seeing you on TV - first on some Home and Garden show where you're at some trade show. Ellen...then CW Now. Congrats...but I was going to track you down but I completely forgot until the CW Now thing but it's Minh from French class - email me! edmondmwu@gmail.com

A-Mused said...

I haven't seen the new show yet but congrats!

Dr V said...

Congrats Chi-Lan! You OWN cable television! ^_^ I'll be checking out your show as faithfully as my football. Now that's high praise! haha

Ace Decade said...

When will they Air the 2nd Season of Tech Toys ?