Friday, July 20, 2007

IKEA food plus Bourne Ultimatum

I don't know why I always think this is a good idea, but everytime I go to IKEA, I end up in their cafeteria/restaurant coveting their delicious array of Swedish and American food. They have such amazing offerings like shrimp salad for $3.99 and Veggie Lasagne with side for $3.99. And then there are the side offerings of delicious heart attacks such as curly fries, mac n' cheese, and grilled cheese. Well needless to say, after ordering curly fries on my last visit, and being allowed to sample the mac n' cheese, I have been eagerly awaiting my next trip to Sweden in America hit that cheesiness up! And yesterday I did! World, I will conquer you afterall!

Ok, so I order this mac n' cheese, and being in a hurry, I ask for it to go so I may walk around IKEA eating their food. And instead of walking and 'taking care of business' in the store like I planned, I instead, end up munching a couple bites of food in three separate living rooms, actually enjoying their display livingrooms as if they were my own, feet up, food out, and leaning back like a cholo. Sure my elbows weren't up, but they were moving from side to side.

Now IKEA food is pretty all right for being in a furniture store and costing pennies on the dollar (do they import the food from child laborers in China?), but man, eating that much mac n' cheese with nothing else almost killed me. And that, my friends, was how I spent my Thursday afternoon.

Now to the evening portion of the program, cause you know that's when I let loose and get crazy! That's right! Movie time! I saw the Bourne Ultimatum and was honestly soooo impressed! It was really loud in the theater, to fully submerse you into the chase scenes - and there were aplenty! This is the third in the spy trilogy which began with Bourne Identity and continued with Bourne Supremacy. And may I just say, the Bourne Ultimatum totally doesn't disappoint when it comes to action and excitement! This movie was pretty hot. From chase scenes on foot to car, the action was non-stop and really fun. When previously Jason Bourne was asking, 'Who am I', and the second one 'Who killed my girlfriend and who wants to kill me', the third is more revealing. Jason Bourne comes home to discover who he is, and how he got to be the way he is now. The story delivers, but the action is totally where it is at for this movie goer. The film had fun plot twists, amazing superhuman action, and awesome stunts. This one is totally worth the $15 at the movie theater.


mrbrent said...

Mac and Cheese and Bourne again.

Wow and $15 a ticket. I will wait until I go to Indo and see it for $2 with a neckrub...

Of course you don't want to eat mac and Cheese in Indo...

Ok Chi-Lan did you get an iPhone?

Alexis Picar said...

lean like a cholo at IKEA?
i oughta try that next time i'm there.

oooh and i've been waiting for the Bourne! i LOVE the series! glad to hear that it delivers!

MadTherapy said...

Sounds like IKEA has some great foods, I wish I can say the same for their furniture. I recently bought some wall cabinets. The material was very fragile. I felt like putting together pieces that are made of thin papers! Even LEGO is more durable.

LarryRiedel said...

More restaurant and movie reviews!!!

charles said...

the bourne identity books were better, but the movie is worth watching because the book puts him at 50+ years old by then

[and now creaking onto the scene, a 58-year-old roger moore as james bond! i'll pass, now matter how awesome 'A View to a Kill' was]

Reiner said...

After reading the sort of mini-review of Bourne Ultimatum, I will definitely watch this movie.

I will be in Montréal for the next 3 days and will just have to find the English version that show the movie. I'm not quite fluent or even close to that in French!