Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yahoo! project and more

Hello one and probably one reader!

How are you doing? Well I have been incredibly busy working here and there, but mainly focusing on spending time with my family. You see, I have a very close knit family and my grandmother has decided to move up to Denver - and that move is taking place tomorrow. So I have been hanging out at her home 9 hours a day for the last week or so. I am trying to get in as much grandmother love as possible. :)

and in the midst of all this family stuff, I forgot to announce my latest special on HGTV, 'Hot Grills, Cool Patios 2007'! It premiered this Sunday, and I am sure it will replay for you to tivo. It was at this convention that I got EXTREMELY ill, like death bed ill with the 'Reno Stomach Flu' as the ER doctor so kindly called it, that not only comes with all the sumptuous symptoms of the flu such as the night sweats, menopause heat flashes, loss of appetite, inability to focus and talk, sore throat, runny nose, congestion that could block a semi from passing on the freeway, but it also comes with a dose of nausea and diarrhea, the latter of which, I am proud to say, never hit me. If there is one adjective out there that describes me, it's KLASSy, people, klassy.

So the funny thing is I just remember being so ill on that shoot. All i can remember is not being able to hold sentences nor thoughts together, let alone string together words to form actual intelligible sentences, but there I am, on TV, looking and sounding all right. Unless you know me extremely well, my voice sounds pretty clear when it needed to be. Not to shabby master producers and editors on the show. Not too shabby.

Anyhow, I just completed a little video for Yahoo! Videogames where I take you inside the ultra-exclusive VIP launch event for the highly anticipated Madden 08 videogame. Man up boys, it's time to get your game on. Ooh rah.


yam said...

Hey Chi-Lan!
Haven't you heard of RSS feeds? That way when you take months between blog entries, people can still keep up with your blog! thanks for being klassy, but ewww, sounds like you had a pretty bad spell there. glad you came out of it OK!

Bob Kaplan said...

Whatever happened to your show on HGTV? I liked it a lot better than the other "I Want That" shows because, unlike the other hosts, you never seemed to be just reading the lines that someone else wrote for you. Also, you had the right combination of funkiness and spunkiness, which is rare. A lot of people are kind of spunky, and a lot of people are sort of funky, but very few people are both. Most people, sadly, are neither.


Stefan said...

Can't wait to check it out. BTW, I;m sure you have lots of readers.