Monday, November 21, 2005

We've got the Cookbook owners!

To all of you wonderful people who wrote me for the books, you'll get an e-mail from me and they will be sent out this week.

As for the show 24seven GADGET, I'll give you a first-touch review of what I looked at (really just looked, like had 10 seconds with) and tel you what I think of it, but you have to promise to watch the show on VOD if you get it! Or you can pledge the allegiance of your first born puppy, because my world needs to be filled with puppies, rainbows and puppies.

Before I get into the review, whic will be posted by end of day, I will give you a little peek into my glamorous life. this weekend my really good friend Matt celebrated a birthday. He works on a new animation for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim show, MINORITEAM. Matt knows his friendship is meaningless to me, except for his ability to introduce me to people that will get me closer and closer to Meat Wad. Knowing and embracing his role in life, he introduced me to....Master Shake! Master Shake!!!! Hello! This is the close buddy and roommate to Meat Wad! and Mater Shake was trying to cinvince me that Master Shake is where it's at. Well, he even invited Matt and I 0out for 2 for 1 beers to convince me that Master Shake is the party, and after receiving a piece of Meat Wad bling (!!!!!) and chatting about our mutual love and fascination for unicorns, my allegiance is shifting.

One question: why are grown men so fascinated with unicorns? Especially ones that poop rainbows? They are magically delicious. Remember, Unicorns were the pinnacle of Tom Cruise cool, Without the unicorn, look where he is now.


Brent said...

You lost me after the rainbow pooping unicorn... Hmmm maybe Tom Cruise poops rainbows... organic ones that is.

I'm glad your glamorous career is going well Chi-Lan.. my unglamorous life of Video is looking up doing weddings and commercial property videos... but hey it's showbiz right!!! ha ha

Chocolate Bean said...

What channel is VOD? Does it come with Charter?

Zack said...

Wow so hey. I mean Meatwad is one thing, but this *is* Master Shake! And drinking without Master Shake is like drinking with Osama so good work! You are now the coolest person ever! Though unicorns pooping rainbows is never...well...ok

Marcus said...

I don't know why men love unicorns so much. Maybe something in the drinking water. Hey, maybe now you can ditch Matt and get Master Shake to introduce you to Meat Wad. It shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 or 14 beers.

The Kevin said...
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The Kevin said...

tom cruise + unicorns-force lightning= AWESOME!