Sunday, November 27, 2005

And I'm a big fat liar...but I am posting those products now

Holiday shopping. Why can’t spa treatments go on sale? That would save soooo much shopping. You’re buying the service, it’s easily exchanged, and soooo simple to wrap. But no worries. I have half of my gifts already picked out and ready for purchase. I would tell you what it is, but I know one of the people getting this gift reads this blog, therefore, I have to forgo telling you guys until I give the gift. That’s right sister, you’re making me censor myself. And now everybody pays.

Okay, products I covered while on 24seven GADGET. Now this is not a comprehensive list as I do not remember all the model numbers, but I will do the best to tell you about each product. It seems that the show may be held back until after the holidays before launching on 24seven GAMER VOD service. Check out to see how to get it.

Allow me to preface the quick-look ca-ca review below by saying that I didn’t get to play with a lot of these gadgets for a long period of time. Or even a short period of time. I got three nanoseconds with the gadgets then it was ‘lights, camera…wait for it…wait for it…and break for lunch!’ I love TV.

Garmin iQue Palm pilot and GPS – The Palm is fine, but I really don’t want to hear the GPS system say to me while I am driving 40 mph ‘turn left in 100 feet’. Wait, what? Turn now? Or next turn? Crap. What the? Did I miss it AGAIN? And I have to hold the iQue at a what angle to calibrate the location? I quit.

Sony Ericsson W600 – If you hate having to carry around your iPod and your cellphone, you probably aren’t a reader of this blog. You can upload your MP3s onto this cell and walk and talk and listen and play games, and have yourself a grand ol’ ball sauntering down the street with a product that serves two functions. But don’t think for a minute I am gonna say dump your iPod for this thing. I know what I love.

Egg and Muffin Toaster – the first thing I said when they show me this badboy was ‘Can’t I do the same thing in the same time with my toaster and stove?’ This is what infomercials sell. And since this ain’t no food dehydrator, well, I can’t really say this is gonna change your life, but then again, what do I know? You may love bulky-ass toasters with tiny baby pans that remind you of your Easy-Bake days. Time for a cookout.

Motorola PEBL cellphone – it’s all about appearance with this GSM phone. It’s round, not flat and if given the choice, I wouldn’t take this over the RAZR. But then again, if this was given to me for free I wouldn’t say no. (anybody listening?) If only…

Motorola H700 bluetooth headset – this new headset is TINY TINY TINY. And it has nice spring loaded microphone flip. Yehaw! But I didn’t get a chance to actually call anyone using the device so I cannot speak on its performance. What I do know is that it’s predecessor has a lot of issues with volume, quality, and this model is supposed to have improved upon those faults and has longest reach of all bluetooth sets out there. Plus having a powerful microphone doesn’t mean much when it’s pressed up against your cheek.

2 screen DVD player – why have two monitors? This product decided that it is NECESSARY to have TWO, count ‘em, TWO monitors for car rides. Does it give you any other uses? Nope. Do I have any? No.

Remote control holder – don’t even ask. You have to watch this part of the show. Really.

I am sure I may have missed one or two other products, but I hope this satiates you all for now.

Now I know even after you all read this you will go and order 24seven GADGET VOD service right? Right? Don’t make me drink in a dark corner alone, crying into a blanket because you all got the information you needed from this blog and left the show to never air. Eh, second thought, that doesn’t sound like a bad night’s events. Do what you will. And I will cry for us all.


Zack said...

Hey rock on for Christmas presents and all that Jazz!

Hope you had good holidays there Chi-Lan!

So do we all get to know who the lucky cookbook winners were, or is that classified info?

Keep it up!

- Zack

Marcus said...

D'oh! Mag Rack isn't available in my area. There's a link to find out how to purchase videos, and obviously your segments aren't available yet, but I'll check that out when 24seven gamer starts. I was bummed that you weren't in the online preview, just a bunch of old E3 footage.

I hope you had a great thanksgiving! Did you do go anywhere for black friday? I got a 160gig external hard drive from best buy for $80 AR, but I got there at about 10. I never expected it would still be there.

Chocolate Bean said...

For those with Charter (in Los Angeles), MagRack is channel 996 :) Oh Yeah!!!