Friday, November 04, 2005

Free! Free! and an appearance!

Let’s get down and dirty here.

I have 4 cookbooks I used on a ‘The Screen Savers’ Weird Cookbooks segment that I would like to give to anyone interested. They include:

Star Trek cookbook
Babylon 5 Cookbook (hysterical)
Vampire Cookbook (?)
And two others whose names escape me right now.

Now how I will get these to you is another story, but if you’re interested in this giveaway, comment on the blog and I will get back to you.

Now for the good stuff. All you blog readers and loyal people have waited long enough. This weekend I will host a gadget show!!!!! For VOD Cable Vision which will also show on 24/7 Gamer! Holler! The Gadget Girl is back!

Not only that, come December 7th, I will do a Gadget Buying guide that will air live on many a morning show. So starting 4 am EST til I dunno when, your homegirl is gonna be pumped up on caffine talking about sleek silver nuggets of metal that your family would love as gifts! Hey for some, nuggets make the world go round. Ok, well, for me it does….

When I know more about the airdates, I will let you all know.

And I do apologize for my long hiatus from posting. I am at a new job and it is VERY long hours and LOTS of work, so I post when I get a chance, but as The Pet Shop Boys sing, 'You Are Always On My Mind. You Are Always On My Mind.'


Zack said...

Well hey I think you just said the magic word! I mean, who doesn't want free stuff? Particularly when that free stuff has been on television. I don't know maybe you're making a mistake not selling 'em on ebay. I bet you could make a killing. I'm just sayin' is all. Just layin' it out there. But then I guess I could also make a fortune selling my own toenail clippings on ebay, so maybe you're not that special. yeah, rock on with the cookbooks, and good hosting to you!

Marcus said...

Hey those cookbooks are cool. I remember when u made Flan (tofu?), gouaghe (worms), and some some of juice on TSS last year.

So, um, stupid question. How can i watch VOD Cable Vision or 24/7 gamer? I've got the Dish Network "Everything" pak, so if it's available on dish network, i'll get it. Hopefully it is.

And did you say live at 4AM EST? I'll still be awake from the previous day here on the west coast. That has got to be a strange schedule for you.

Michael said...

Always nice to see your thoughts Chi-Lan.

Yes, I agree, free stuff is a plus but I really want to know how to see your show. Maybe it could be on a webcast? No, I know I am asking too much.

Well, anything you do, I want to see and hear.

Nead more Chubby Brain. More........

yam said...

yeah, i remember that episode! wasn't that the one with the strange bowl of noodle-like substances that were supposed to be worms? i love to cook, so i wouldn't mind freebies either! and, looking forward to seeing your new segment on the air, if i can get to that show...


Mooch Rex said...

Well, since I'm about to host my semi-centurial (is that a word?) Vampire mixer, that Vampire cookbook sure would come in handy.

In other words, I'm interested, lay the details on us Chi-lan!