Friday, March 18, 2005

I have one thing to say about St. Patrick's Day

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


Jack Gore said...

Most of the time the stupid people are passed out on a floor somehwere... Whats to underestimate?

CBSpaceCowboy said...

St. Paddy's day is my holiday! I'm irish and I get to hang out in pubs,even though I don't really drink. But yes, your post is true.

Brent said...

Chi-Lan I hope you maintained control!!! I haven't been to a large gathering like that in quite a while... but then again, in 42.

When you are young you enjoy parties and crowds (sometimes).

My younger sister lives out that way in San Diego... she was a popular DJ on the radio, and loves all the action... she also lived in New York City and Florida. To her Memphis is boring.

If you want action move to Jakarta... 15 million people.

yam said...

"I see dumb people everywhere...

...and they don't know that they're dumb!"

Brent said...

Good one Yam.. ha ha

Michael said...

I miss you on G4.

I hope you will be in some photo shoots in Stuff.

By the way Chi-Lan, you have sexy feet. Just a thing I have. Sorry.

BD said...

I tend to stay away from large groups of people for exactly that reason.


Thaman said...
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Thaman said...

Micheal, I can't believe you look at Chi-lan and all you can see that is sexy is her feet. There are a lot of things sexy about her. Her...well I won't go to in detail about that. RATED PG-All of you. You're just like J-dog, the guy who called TSS and asked "Who's feet are more ticklish, Chi-lan or Sarah?" You guys are sad. Anyway, personaly I hate St.Patrick's Day. There's too much green. I like orange. But not too much of it. But what Chi-lan is talking about can only be described in one word. MOSH PIT

5:29 PM

Brent said... Michael you like Chi-Toes. or is that Cheetos... ha ha

You should name your blog... Techtoes you could have "toes of the tech shows"


Thaman said...

You all have been wondering if I am really 12yrs. old. I have a few crappy pics from a disposable camera that I poped on the scanner. Here they are. NOTE!!!-These are not the best quallity because I put them on a scanner. There they go.


Max and I sitting in a rocking chair on the deck on a nice crisp summer morning, around 8:30.

Myself mowing the lawn on a hot summer day.

Myself picking blueberries. The next day we had a great pie.

Myself with my Nintendo DS on Christmas. I got my DS on the first day it came out. I was actually the first in my whole city to get it, but this is a picture from a disposable camera so you cant see Super Mario 64 DS on the screens.


Brent said...

Ok lets talk tech instead of Toes... Chi Lan this is for you since you are the tech gal here... I think the only gal here..

Anyway I am looking for wireless access to the net for my Laptop... it is a new powerbook and has 802.11g built in. Talking to the people in the cell stores here is useless because they barely know the product.

My idea would be a cell phone which would offer these features.
1: 3g data rates of 1.5 mbs
2: 802.11 access for making VoIP calls in hotspots
3: 802.11 broadcast ability to wirelessly allow you to surf from your laptop. If you are not in a hotspot.
4: Bluetooth 2 to transmit phonebook info and back itself up to your computer. Also transmitting photos.
5: If the unit was the size of a treo you could allow it to use the new bluetooth GPS antenna for your car.

Let me know.

Thaman said...

This link has just what you need.
IT CONNECTS TO USB!!!!!!!! AND WE ALL LOVE USB, RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CBSpaceCowboy said...

Do we have a foot fetish there Michael?

123-I-Love-You said...

It's fun to use the word "underestimate" around stupid people. Often they don't know hat it means.

wherzdaluv said...

was always wondering why you were not on TSS anymore. Good luck on your new job and will miss your additions to TSS. You were a quality addition to TSS and now that TSS is dead can only imagine what it will be recreated as. just another show about games i'm sure. then i wont have any need to turn G4 on. Good luck and all the best.

wherzdaluv - hollywood,ca

Michael said...

Okay, yes a foot fetish. Guilty as charged. It is not the only part of Chi-Lan that I think is sexy, but think of this, you can change a lot of parts of the body throught surgery but you can not as far as I know make a womans feet better looking.
I also have to say, I now can stop watching TSS. Chi-Lan kept me coming back.
Good luck on your new job. Please let me know when your first article is published so I can start buying the mag.

Brent said...

Actually Thaman.... my laptop has bluetooth and Wi-fi... This would be a phone which you could use if you were not in a HotSpot. It would be a phone with fast graphics and the ability to receive video streams. However it would double as a wireless 802.11 router, allowing you to surf in places without a hotspot.

It would have a megapixl camera and bluetooth to help sync the phonebook and pictures... or better yet it could ftp the pictures to your computer.

Michael I have a good idea a miniature toe-cam for taking spytoe pictures.. Toshiba or ToeShiba could make it and it would be call the "Incogni-toe"

I'm teasing!!!!!!!!

Walt Disney World could have a new attraction.. "Mr Toes Wild Ride"


Thaman said...

Brent, you're looking for a little too much in just a cell phone.

Thaman said...

Call me Trent. People if you didn't know, it's pronounced The Man.

Brent said...

Ok Trent... actually this is not too much in a cell phone... Sprint already offers high speed internet in a PC Card. My friend can surf anywhere in Memphis at high speed. Japan offers quite a few 3g (Third Generation) phones. Right now you can link those phones to your PC or Mac with a USB adapter. If it where a router you wouldn't need to do that... or even take the phone out of it's holster. Bluetooth is already built into many phones... This would be an expensive phone $500+ but it would be for a business person. I often go to restaurants to do work. I am at a deli with wi-fi right now. I unfortunately need to go places with free wi-fi since I am not going to pay $30 per month for a T-Mobile hotspot card.

Thaman said...

OK. Try a Blackberry or somethin'. The hell if I know.

Brent said...

blackberry is a small phone/email device for typing short text based emails out...

If I work with a real computer I need the real internet.

Soon Vonage will have phone which sport both Cell and Wi-fi ability so you can use them free in hotspots, thus saving cellular minutes. Also bandwidth is bigger over a broadband connection so you sound better than cell.

3G is popular in Asia where lots of people are on trains for their commute to work, thus being able to have decent internet. It is just now catching on here.

Ok lets talk about Chi's Toes.. ha ha

Thaman said...

Brent, this time I think I found just what you need. But to get it you will need $2179 to $2249. You might wanna try Ebay for a lower price.

* 1GHz Transmeta Crusoe
* 20GB hard drive (shock-mounted)
* Dimensions: 4.9" x 3.4" x .9"
* Weight: 14 ounces
* 800 x 480 W-VGA 5" transflective display (indoor/outdoor readable)
* 3D accelerated graphics with 8mb video RAM
* QWERTY thumb keyboard with mouse buttons and TrackStik®
* 802.11b wireless
* Bluetooth® wireless
* 4-pin FireWire® (1394)
* USB 1.1
* 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
* Microphone
* Digital pen
* Removable lithium polymer battery
* Battery life up to three hours, depending on usage
* OQO docking cable includes:
o 3D accelerated 1280 x 1024 VGA video output
o Additional USB
o Additional FireWire (1394)
o Ethernet
o DC power
o Audio out

additional features

* Active hard drive protection that safely parks hard drive heads upon detecting freefall
* Screen that slides on rack and pinion mechanism to reveal thumb keyboard
* Shift, control, function and alt keys that have smart-lock with LED indicators
* Thumbwheel allows for traditional scrolling as well as enhanced features
* Ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts backlight to appropriate level

I have a lot of pics for ya. Here are some urls:

It has WIFI, Bluetooth, windows XP, touch screen!!!!!!

Brent said...

Thanks Trent...

That is an ultra-light portable. Mine would be a normal cellphone in size but would hook to my existing 15" powerbook using 802.11 acting as a wireless access point. Right now the only way to get on the net with a normal laptop is:

1: Telephone hookup
2: Ethernet Lan
3: 802.11g wireless

The phone would provide broadband speeds using the 3g protocol. They have those phones in major U.S. cities but you have to connect them with a cable to the laptop.

In my idea the phone would act like a Linksys wireless router allowing untethered operation of a normal laptop.

Thanks for your effort.

xeo said...

you think drunk people in large number try beingg in vegas where everybody drunk and you not wearing green

Ketama said...

Help does anyone remember the name of the box set of movies Chi-lan recommended for the holiday gift guide on The Screen savers??????????????

Mooch Rex said...

What is it about shamrocks, leprechauns and green beer that transforms people into drunken hate-mongering parade goers?

Maybe folks would be happier if there was ACTUALLY a pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow.
Friggin' lousy, lying leprechauns. Always with the "Follow the rainbow to me pot o' gold!" or "This way to me pot o' gold!". Little rat bastards.

I need me a green beer......

Thaman said...

and don't forget a padded room.

Mooch Rex said...

Padded room I got.

Padded THERE'S the challenge.

chinpokomon said...

ketema, I think it was the 'Wong Kar-Wai Collection'.

Ketama said...

thanx chinpokomon.