Friday, January 21, 2011

Hella yeah! Entire army is set!


Bob Kaplan said...

I'm not sure what I'm looking at, but it's a cute picture. To be honest, though, I sort of miss the old posts where you wrote more -- I liked your writing style.

Brian said...

DOOOMOOOOOOOOOO!! I like you even more now, Chi-Lan! ;) I collect them as well, I love them. My favorite one here is the one on the right with glasses. I once went to a sushi restaurant that had one of those insert-a-quarter-turn-the-knob vending machines full of Domo stickers...I got one, but then on the way home I realized I LEFT IT ON THE TABLE! I was so upset!

William said...

Humm they look like evil chocolate droids.
Its good to see another person who has been using blogspot as long as me Chu Lan.
I'm not a stalker but did look for your web presence and Facebook page. I hope you will keep me.

william said...

my name is william not William ;)
'course i kinda like like marvin too but spending tens of millions of years in an intergalactic parking lot is not my cup of tea at the moment tho the planet earth is getting to look that way at an ever increasing rate

Christopher said...

Awesome army Chi-Lan!

Cleber Martins said...

Hi There...I´m big fan from Brazil. Keep Going..Kisses

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Matt, sorry I dont use any of the other services below thus I'm Anonymous when commenting.

Just wanted to say, I liked your Fact or faked show, and that you're a beautiful woman, kinda obvious when watching the show lol

Best wishes

- Matt