Saturday, September 19, 2009

RV show

I am currently in Hershey, PA shooting my 4th RV show for HGTV, called RV 2010. It will air sometime in March 2010, hence the title with 2010. I know. My mind is working at Nascar speed today. Woot! Ok so what have I learned in the past 3 days here? Well the locals call this area Pennsyl-tucky, cause it is so Kuuntry. Yep. And that crabmeat covered pretzels are a delicacy, and buffalo chicken covered pretzels are a local fav and, as one waitress said, 'take the left-overs. It heats up nicely.' Meat smothered pretzels and RVs. I don't think I'm in Cali anymore Todo!


Eddie said...

Any new impressive RV technology? But I guess we just have to wait and watch the show :)

stirling said...

Can't wait to see it...and boy you look great!

Bob Kaplan said...

Crabmeat-covered pretzels sound delicious, but I never would have thought of that particular combination in a million years. I'm thinking of it now, though.

(And I hate to be so picky, but that little dog in The Wizard of Oz was actually named Toto.)