Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not a clear picture, but I have to share.

I was catching a plane from Atlanta to LA last night (I currently hate AirTran) and I couldn't help but notice a very strong choice a female passenger made. Get this. She is carrying a Gucci purse and is wearing Converse style Gucci sneakers. Now this story doesn't seem special until you notice that this woman decided with her adult brain to wear one denim leg shoved into her sneaker so you could get the full effect of the Guccis on her shoe, and the other pant leg down. As soon as I saw her, my jaw dropped and I had to take a pic and share. I wanted to go up and ask her how she decided on THIS choice but couldn't stop judging and laughing. Oy. I am going to hell.


OMI-1 said...

Haha...I would've taken a picture, too! If you're going to hell I really don't want to think about where I'm going.

Brent said...

Maybe she has ADD... this looks like something I would do... she is just scatterbrained.