Sunday, August 03, 2008

My girls

What do my girlfriends look lik? Well from this pic, if they look like ladies shotgunning a beer so we can head out to dinner, then you'd be right! This weekend has been funfilled days of girl talk, bonding, food and drink. Now we're all headed to palm springs where we will be sunning ourselves and I will blog from there!


Bryce said...

I just saw you on TV, its amazing what google can do... Im not some crazy stalker, just a bored college student on summer break with nothing to do. Anyway, you seem as if you're a great person, very admirable and family oriented, thats awesome - take care.

Brent said...

Wow just like Southern Gals!!!! ha ha You're OK Chi Lan!! ha ha

Dr V said...

Looks like the "Good-time Girls" are primed for a great night-out on the town. Let's hope our distinguished photographer is also the driver. haha

Have a great time in Palm Springs! We look forward to having you back rejuventated, with sun-kissed skin.