Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Closing ceremonies of the Olympics

I have been obsessed with the Olympics from a young age. It could be the fact that my dad played professional basketball in Vietnam, and was a hardcore ping pong player. And did I mention my mom was a helluva hackeysack player as well? And what happens? The pair conceive 3 of the most unathletic children you could imagine. Obviously someone wronged the gods powerful hard! :) Anyhow, the Olympics is one of my all time favorite things to watch, because it is the finest example of athletes who are competing for the love of it. There is no purse, yet the entire world joins in with their finest. It is a true love of games and sportsmanship. (Never mind the millions of endorsement dollars on the line!) Ok so the reason why I posted this pic is because during the closing ceremonies, the large screen next to the screen showing the performers has chinese text, and being a karaoke lover, I assume they are the lyrics to what they are singing! Haha! Even at the olympics, they show their love of karaoke! I love my Chinese brothers and sisters.

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Dr V said...

I would have thought the bounty of well-toned muscles would have been more seductive than the karaoke, but hey... hahaha They showed the karaoke bars of Beijing, and they have more recording studios than LA! ^_^

I still consider myself an athlete, but my favorite parts were without a doubt the opening and closing ceremonies. Zhang Yimou is THE MAN! What he does with productions of scale cannot be touched. Luckily for London, maybe he can make his services available to help their effort to keep-up the standard that he's set. haha