Saturday, June 07, 2008

Swimsuit mania

Hey high rollers! I am sittng in a cabana in vegas's luxurious Bellagio hotel. And if I mauy just say, this place is smoking. There is a kitchen, TV, misters, and even my sister, the poster child for responsible gambling, has been enticed enough by the amenities to forgo the casino. The world is turned upside down in vegas baby! I hear Paris Hilton is in town. Oh, that is a blog entry if I ever knew of one.
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Dr V said...

With all due respect to the Bellagio, the only thing smoking in my eyes are the sun-soaked hotties in the picture! ^_^ That said, your cabana does sound impressive indeed. With all those accommodations, all you need is sunshine! ^_* Thanks for sharing the pictures Chi-Lan.

DavidRC said...