Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My two hungry dogs

Thisis them waiting, hoping, willing that my hand give them a bit of quiche or angel food cake. Beggars!


DavidRC said...

You can almost hear them saying,
"Please Miss, may we have another?"

Dr V said...

I have no doubt your culinary skills rival any 'Top Chef' contestant. I'm not so sure that Moose should sample Chi-Lan's delight. I've heard that Y-chromosomes react tragically to quiche. Be strong Moose! haha

By the way, Stella was just lapping up the television time. I might even go so far as to say she was making her bid to steal the show! haha

Jimmy OneBlack said...

Caught the new format of your show tonight. It gets the Jimmy OneBlack [BAM!] Stamp of Approval (tm). Pretty much shows the more obnoxious naysayers at the old G4 forums as being just a bunch of angry nerds who don't understand the idea of "personality". You don't mess with the Chi-Lan!