Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How do I respond?

Can you guys make out the paint job. On this family vehicle many americans refer to as a minivan? It reads 'Suburban Death Machine.' Wow. Did he/she paint that to symbolize death of the crazy single-life now that tots are in the mix? or are the wee ones the guerilla fighters that will emerge from the blue minivan mist? Or do you think they're just thinking it is so subversive, it is appropriate. Option number 3 winning them the 'Pete Wentz' dumbass award of the year IMHO. Sure I'm judgemental, but I know I am, and I embrace it whole heartedly. :)

Today I shot a rehersal at Reelz Channel. Did I tell you all that the format of THE BIG TEASE was changing? Well it won't just be a trailer show. It will now be two people, myself and Jeremy Parsons, responding to trailers. And by respond, I mean talk about, give opinions, but in Reelz fashion, so never too negative. That means everything is OK or great! Woot. But you all know I will twist the tongue on my blog, so don't sweat me losing any 'tude. I got that in spades. What makes me really excited for the show's debut is my new pooch, Stella, will make her cameo. BOMB! You better strap yourselves in now, cause this 6 lb wonder is gonna blow you away.


Rick Shafer said...

Hey Chi,
So your on TV huh? I didn't know, I don't own one. Are you on over the air or does one need a dish or cable to see you?
Who's going to play Brando's part?
(I'm sorry but that's just a great name)
On the minivan....nice call.
Stickers on cars tend to tell about the general intelligence of the driver more than anything else.
I guess I better remove my peeing Calvin and Hobbes
character....right next to the number '3'!

DavidRC said...

Great news about the format change on The Big Tease.
I'm looking forward to your turn as either Siskel or Ebert :)
If you have Stella on, you know Moose will want equal time.
I enjoy your observations..keep blogging !

Dr V said...

LOL Well that's one macho minivan! I think some poor slob had to give up his sports car, and become a an adult. His 15 kids can't fit in his 2-seater, so someone twisted this guy's arm to be a team player. So the "...death machine" reference is a compromise...his version of racing stripes. hahaha

New show format, huh? As long as we get to see you, and your "tude," I welcome the changes. Seems like Stella's itching to enjoy her moment under the bright lights. Well she should talk to Moose, so she'll understand the breadth of her decision. Stella should be fully informed about the withering price of fame. haha

Luv ya Chi-Lan! I really enjoy your witty blog. ^_^

Tunaman3000 said...

Moose will seek his revenge while you are sleeping in my opinion.

yam said...

looking forward to seeing on the new show. hmm, not sure if i have the reelz channel though....