Friday, May 30, 2008


Today was a busy day of meetings, an audition, where, BTW my peeps, there were two other girls and they weren't just different versions of a chinese girl. Mind boggling! So I went through beverly hills and picked up some mind numbingly expensive and senseless cupcakes from CRUMBS. Now do you that though my wallet peeled open to unleash the sad penny storm that is my paycheck to purchase these little dudes, I didn't eat one? Nope. They were a gift...for my agent...who btw I am told, works for me. But like my mom says, never drop by empty handed. Damn my amazing manners. So after spending a day being a dumbass driving around LA to run errands before I leave town for two weeks, I come home and lay down on my couch, only to have my dogs flank me on both sides. I swear my butt looks huge, but it is just juicy. And it turns out I forgot deoderant today. Glad my meetings were in the AM before the waft of CLL got the best of me. Even I can't handle that eau.
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Rick Shafer said...

Hey Chi,
Nice midriff. Now this a good food pic.- Cheesecake.

yam said...

Coffee pots and blenders? cute...

Brent said...

Different Chinese Girl versions?... you guys come in versions? I've upgraded several times...

I think your dog has a bigger butt.. ha ha You look whisper thin!!!!

ha ha ha

Dr V said...

Haha Great story! Well you can't help your "amazing manners," and I hope you never change. As you've experienced first-hand, a little kindness goes a long way. It may be delayed to your wallet, but it usually makes a grand appearance eventually. ^_~

Hey, I'm loving the Chi-Lan sandwich on fresh Chihuahua bread! No complaints on your butt either. Moose and I already conferenced on it earlier. ^_~

Tunaman3000 said...

I think you need a zojirushi neuro fuzzy rice coocker shirt in my opinion.

Anthony said...

Cute butt!!
BUT, sounds like you're just fishing for that one.

Why is it that beautiful ladies, such as yourself, always say things like that? You KNOW you're hot!!!

Now, my IM lingo isn't what it should be, but what is this CLL?
Or, should I ask? Next, I'm going to find out that you actually fart!

OH, the H-U-M-A-NI-T-Y!!