Friday, December 28, 2007

Rose Parade craziness!

So it is the 28th of December. And I have just spent 15.5 hours shooting 'The Making of Rose Parade 2008' special for HGTV. Wow, it was COLD! Now some of you know this is my 2nd year shooting this special, and even though I have experienced the pain of the cold in the 'float barns', I still am unable to convince myself to stop physically abusing my body by dressing in a silk dress in weather that hits the highs of the 40's all day long. Damn! It was some cold stuff! Now senseless as I am, I find the prettiest little silk dress and think the flower motif will be great for the special. Yeah. So I find some tank tops, double them up and like a lady, tuck them deep into my hot pink colored tights. This my friends, is one sexy look. It gets even better when the microphone, ever so important when you decide to record moving picture with a crazy thing called sound, gets pulled under my tanks. this ruins the whole tuck for warmth idea. Plus, the mic pack gets taped to my upper thigh. And when I say upper thigh, I mean the place that the priest touches you when he wants to be your friend. All day long guys, the sound man, nice person, keeps having to strap and restrap the pack to my upper thigh, and in doing so, I flash him more than enough shots of my hot pink colored crotch. I was wearing tights! I don't think he expected to have his retinas burnt out that day, but I hear the company has good workman's comp, so I don't feel so bad. He'll be the only sound guy deaf in both eyes.

So now I am headed BACK to the float barns to tour the floats prior to them hitting Colorado Blvd. this New Year's. And that means another 7 am call time. I love this stuff, so I totally don't mind much. Or I could just totally be lying because the morning sun feels like the sting of of a vicious pit bull attack on my jugular. Anyhow, I will be joining the live commercial-free team coverage of the parade again this year in pasadena, bright and early on New year's morning! I LOVE this stuff! I love the flowers. I love the floats. I love the pageantry. And I love never having to make plans and go out on New year's Eve. :) That's the best part!

Watch it Tuesday morning. And 'Making of' special will be on HGTV right before. If you're not up, set the tivo.

Chat soon.


Brent said...

Wow sounds like your having a blast lately.... you seem so excited... must be all the work your doing and all the new clothes you are writing off as a business expense...ha ha

I booked a video/photo gig for a new-years eve party too... with the band being "The Talking Heads"... it's great to get paid to work on New-years

Seems when I post no one else know who you are!

Brent said...

"you're" oops... note to self... turn grammar checker on.

Richard said...

Hi Chi-Lan! I was one of the many scientist working on the JPL float. It was great to see you in person, wow! Watching the Making Rose Parade Floats now, and you did a great job.

mikepittenger said...

Happy New Year!!

Chi-Lan, you are a natural.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. I loved your boots.

Betty in San Diego said...

Your fuchsia coat this morning was great! Pink is your color. Who is the designer?

Tunaman3000 said...

Who has two thumbs and loves clergy molestation humor?

This guy, that's who.

FV Tom said...

gotta admit I had not heard of you before I watched the Making show. Nice work!

And I love your blog.

Be good!