Sunday, October 01, 2006

Zune release

Here we go!!!!

Microsoft's Zune will launch on 14 November at $249.99 for the 30GB version

To jump-start competition with the five year-old iPod accessory marketplace, Microsoft also announced 10 Zune accessories ranging from AV cables to FM tuners.

Check it!


Brent said...

I read on Yahoo... that MS is loosing $50 per Zune. They were forced to recalculate their price because of Apples price break.

Several MP3 makers have tried to unseat Apple in the digital player market... problem is that Apple has the whole turnkey solution. Also the market is driven by young people... is there going to be a cool mystic about having a "Zune"?

Only time will tell... I'm betting the Zune will go the way of all the Sony products which were the supposed "iPod Killer" Better features don't necessarily mean success. Yes Zune has cool features.. but anything that is worth it will find it's way to the iPod too.

Let's not underestimate the gigantic 3rd party offerings for the iPod either... thousands of cool iPod accessories. Will these companies produce anything for Zune? Maybe if market share or kickbacks from MS persuade them.

ha ha... I hope Chi-lan doesn't flame me.. ha ha she knows I love her......

Brent said...

mystique....instead of mystic

Brent said...

Ok Chi-Lan where are you?.. You Zuned off and left us here. ha ha.

Well maybe you went back to Germany for a bit.. You seem to love Europe as much as I love Asia. Aside from an emergency landing on one engine in Manilla... I had a great time. Married and All...

Well I think I will go back next year Chinese newyear for the big party.

Please post more... your fans miss you.

Doan said...

I can't wait to hear from you. Its been a long time. I see you're moving up in the world and doing all sorts of fun stuff. Get paid to play with toys, can't get any better than that. I'm happy for you and I can't wait to see you on your show (I just got cable). By the way, you look gorgeous on camera!

Your long lost friend,
Doan Nguyen