Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Zune on Ellen

Hey everyone, in case you missed my appearance and have a couple spare minutes, check out my little diddy on Zune, and see how crazy the ladies get when they hear their prize!

Outta control. And scared the crap out of me being in the Ellen Studio.


DavidRC46 said...

The audience reaction is way over the top. If you had offered them a cure for cancer, there would have been mild applause and a few yawns. Offer them a Zune and they go nuts.
Thanks for the link. You look so at ease and look like you were enjoying yourself. Were you nervous at all?

Brent said...

Way to go Chi-Lan... wow what a great performance. You are this sophisticated, sexy tech gal..

Doan said...

That was an excellent, over the top performance. You looked marvelous, my darling.