Tuesday, September 12, 2006

back from vacation

Hello all who still are loyal friends who read this blog. I just returned from my lovely jaunt to Germany to see my hardworking boyfriend and it was wonderful. We spent about two weeks together trolling the streets of Stuttgart (home of Mercedes and Porsche) in search of warm weather and boy, it was like someone told the sun we wanted to warm up because that bitch up and left our vacation so fast, it changed the rotation of terra firma.

So let me impart some knowledge about Germany that many of you may or may not know. First off, almost everyone in Germany speaks English, so if you're there to learn some German, no problem. If you're a lazy American who decided to head to a western European country without learning a lick of that foreign tongue (like your's truly), no problem. Almost everyone speaks English. Woot.

And if you love snitzel and potatoes, you're in big luck buddy, because they have that in tons. Looking for a salad? Well, that's not super rare, but let's just say Germany ain't California. So I spent many a day walking the streets of downtown Stuttgart and people watching. I really enjoy doing it, except when you are an ex-coffee drinker, it's hard to say no to that sweet sweet brown liquid I think of as happy juice - especially since they know how to brew that special brew so brewey! The lessons I learned while in Germany are: 1. Germans are incredibly nice. 2. Female Germans are GORGEOUS. And German men are handsome, but even the so-sos get their groove on nicely, from what I can see. Rock on.

OK so 'I Want That Tech Toys' has been going really well, showing off cool products for any budget, and wowing me with the really expensive crap that I WANT SO BAD I COULD PUNCH MY PRODUCER FOR NOT GIVING IT TO ME, but hey, I already host the show, so I can't really take the products anyhow, but well, I would love it to just be out there on the table.

Sorry, I digress. Looks like Tuesday I will be taping an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show on NBC where I will be talking about the Sony MYLO...yes, I have it in my grubby little hands and am playing with it now. NOW! haha! I love it! Once I play with it, I will let you know what I think. First impressions? I am not really wowed by the screen and the exclusion of a cameraphone, but I love that it is a phone and device that works FREE out of the box. If there's wifi, well, you can make calls through Skype, IM, browse the web, all that jazz and for free! Skype has a promotion through the end of the year that allows free calls to any number in the US, therefore calls on the MYLO are free. Obviously this product is marketed for the younger market and urban areas.

I play, I report. I'll let you know. Hugs.


Michael said...

Hi Chi,

It has been a long time. I have been seeing you on the H and G network and you are doing a wonderful job. You are looking good as always. Keep doing what you are doing, I do enjoy.

Keep on keeping on.

S.D. said...

We see your show on HGTV. Glad to see you more on TV. Have fun on Ellen!

CBSpaceCowboy said...

Glad to hear you are still around and doing well.

Marcus said...

I've been so busy lately, I haven't gotten the chance to watch Tech Toys in a long time. I have them all on my Tivo though, and plan on watching 3 or 4 this weekend when my 2 week vacation begins. :D I guess it's too late to book tickets to germany now though.

Rosendo said...

Hola Chi Lan long time no see from the old "Y" days. It is awsome to see you doing very well. By the way you are looking very good aka HOT. take goog care of yourself miss ya. Rosendo