Wednesday, May 03, 2006

That's awesome!

ok so you guys know I was on TV. That isn't any news, but it still surprises me when people recognize me...and let me just say that it rarely happens. And growing up in the 91801, I never expected I could be on TV. I grew up in a simple blue collar, yellow-trash family, and now look at me! I walk into a dim sum restaurant my family and I frequent and a guy named Bryant recognizes me - then posts on my blog! What a crazy small world. Soon we'll all be playing yatzee.

Hey did you all know about the computer companies holding hands in a non-sexual way with ubersexy car companies to come up with an overpriced, ok line of laptops? Well check it!

Get your ‘nerd turned successful’ on with the Ferrari 3000 laptop. A stylish lap companion that sports the patented Ferrari red color (I didn’t know red was a patented color either. That’s like saying I’ve patented air – I’m just sayin’.), a 15” LCD screen, ATI® MOBILITY™ RADEON™ 9200 graphics chipset, built-in DVD-Dual drive, integrated bluetooth, and an S-video output.. And yeah, Mary, the head cheerleader turned toothless crack addict living in a cardboard box will rue the day she said refused your invite to the prom because now you own a Ferrari! That crazy chic.

Not sure if hell froze over or pigs are flying, but ultra-sexy high-end car companies playing nice with the likes of computer makers doesn’t stop with Ferrari. Not to be outdone, Lamborghini and Asus joined forces to create a sleek and chic laptop coated in a mirror painted finish of undeniable Lamborghini black or yellow and topped off with the infamous triangular emblem. And with a 17” widescreen display, mobile media center with TV tuner, and built-in subwoofer, you’ll be able to hear every bass-note behind the artistic visuals of such classics as ‘Girls Gone Wild: Mardi Gras Invasion’ and ‘Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break ’06.’

My favorite recent television line: Family Guy: scenario: Peter and friends (Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe) sit at the Drunken Clam. Peter reads some pages from his recently penned 'nasty novel', also called trashy supermarket lit. Peter finishes his novella's last line and Cleveland responds 'I'm no school administrator, but there's an extension program going on in my trousers.'



Bryant Sentosa said...

Hey Chi-Lan,

Bryant here... I watched TSS back in the day when Peter and Leo hosted the show.. Then stopped for a bit, but checked in now and then. Then one episode, my wife and I saw you on, and started watching the show religiously for support. I'm all about Asians in media. When you would come on, we'd yell "WooHoo!! Chi-Lan!!" Then you left, and I stopped watching the show completely. Don't even check in anymore.

Anywho.. look me up if you need a photographer or want to play yatzee.


Marcus said...

That's awesome, meeting Chi Lan at random like that. I almost went to a taping of TSS in San Fran once, but never got around to it. Foolish me, I thought I could go anytime since it would always be there. It would have been cool to see all the techtv hosts.

Oh, and my favorite recent line was uttered by basketball announcer Jerry Reynolds. It went something like, "Well, if the kings want to win this game, they can't keep going back to the Wells."
Then Bonzi Wells went on to score practically everytime he got the ball for over 30 points. Double-triple-team, it doesn't matter. Just give the ball to Bonzi!

Brent said...

I can tell Chi-Lan has a spring in her step... I did get a kick out of the Yellow Trash comment... I told a Chinese friend he didn't want to be an "Orange Neck" Red+Yellow. and Bryant.. ha ha I used to have Asian radar... but it fried to a Crisp when I went to Asia...neural overload. Well I'm booking my ticket to Indonesia this week... so the crisping can happen again. Speaking of PHotographers... maybe you could take some more pics of Chi-lan to post on her flickr account. Some shots of her firmly planted on the ground. and Chi... whatever happened to your Buddy Yam who posted here?