Monday, May 15, 2006

New Music site

hello fellow tune lovers and leavers. If you're one that loves the tactical feel of a music CD, well have I got the discount site for you! A new start-up in Silicon Valley has become is heard all you CD owners' cries and developed a site that helps CD owners trade entire CDs for less than an iTunes video download.

The site says that it will start working around July 4th (that's how they like to celebrate independence day. Can someone say 'thinly veiled double entendre'? Well I think I just did.) But I digress. Now no one knows if this service, which pretty much lets you list what you have and what you want, and matches you up with those that have what you want and want what you have, then charge you a fee of arond $1.50 or $2 to facilitate the trade. Sounds like a dating website. So no one knows if this site will be the another nail in the music industry's coffin, the next iTunes, or just a site that no one knows about, but I'll put it out there just because I can!

Hey, you never know, maybe music lovers alike will find more than a CD on


Brent said...

Well I know some people who love to buy CD's and then load them into their iPods. I have lots of old CD's... as well as Vinyl Records.

I prefer to just download my music... takes up less space. I collect music from around the world and a finite amount of CD's is just too small. I remember the mom and pop record stores ... then the warehouse sized record stores like Tower Records... I just don't see a long future for that business model.

Marcus said...

I'm not sure I'd ever use that site myself. I only have a couple CDs that I'd consider parting with, and I can just burn copies from my friends if I want to.