Friday, March 03, 2006

STUFF Magazine

Guess who will have a two page spread on the top 10 gadgets on the market come May?!??! That's right! Your dog's mom. And me! Yeah, so pick it up on newsstands, then write in about how my wit and style make you want to continue reading, even though the gadgets aren't ALL blow your socks off immediately, but most are. So give me that my brothers and sisters. I would love to post some of the excerpts here, but I think that is not allowed, but once it hits newsstands, I will do immediately.

Looks like I am headed to Tokyo, Japan for a little vacation! And to see one of my best friends. I am really excited, and although I have been taking a break (read unemployed) for a couple weeks now, I have decided to make the most of my sad ass and take some time to regroup and figure out what the hell I wanna do with my life. What good is it to dedicate yourself to the technological advances of consumer electronics if you can't make a living off of it? I ask you this!

So I am headed around the country to do an investigative report on the who, what, and especially why Hello Kitty reigns supreme in a country with more than 14,000 people per square mile. I know some of those are adults. We don't live in the land of Charlie Brown for god's sake.

More news to come.


Brent said...

Chi-Lan... I wish you luck in Japan.. I love Asia as you probably have guessed.. Korea was the closest thing I came to Japan last year... You will love Japan.. so many goofy things to see. Please take you camera and post to your Flickr account!!!!. I will keep an eye out for your mag too.

The really cool thing is I have several Japanese friends here and one guy is a geek like me.. his brother lives in Yokahama and he set up a computer running Windows media server. He remotes the computer from Memphis and chooses the Japanese TV shows and movies he wants to see. After it downloads he FTP's all the files to Memphis overnight. He has WIndows Media Server here and watches the shows like he was in Japan.

I can't wait to go to Jakarta this year... of course it's much grittier and 3rd world than Japan. I have lots of friend in Singapore and Taiwan too... but I doubt I'll have the time to see them.

Like you... except much older he he I made the change in my career. I was into computers networking and admin... until last year when I went into Photography and Video. I love it... slowly but surely I'm building business.

Zack said...

Hey Chi-Lan! Have "El Fun" In the Japans. Send me a postcard and some pocky, dammit! Just kidding. you don't have to send me a postcard.

Marcus said...

I remember you talking about Stuff magazine when you first started your blog! It sure took them long enough to get it right. Well, happy birthday to me I guess (born in may).

I hope you get to leave for Japan soon, as you probably know, california is getting rain of biblical proportions right now. If I could find a way to blame the governator, i would. Ok, i will. Hope the weather is better over there.