Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MTV Overdrive segment...

Oy my brothers and sister readers, I apologize for not letting you all know earlier of Overdrive's limitations. No, MTV has decided NOT to run on Macs, and never will. I asked. And MTV's broadband programming prefers Explorer, and shutters at the thought of Firefox.

As you can tell, MTV ain't no technofile.

As a crazy little reporter girl running around on the scene, I wanted to give you all the heads up on a new game I saw: Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers. this game is the sequel to (surprise, surprise) Full Spectrum Hammer. Now I went to the game demo/press event ready to take in fully tactical strategy, bootcamp, and war, damnit! So off I went to blue Cloud Ranch.

Now what I encountered was a game demo, which was nice. They gave reporters the opportunity to check out the game, play it on various platforms (PC, PS2, and XBox), and look at the graphic and audio advancements.

Now before we get into what I saw, here's a quickie refresher on what FSW is:

Derived from its work with the US Army, Pandemic's FSW was a training simulator that provided gamers with a totally different way of playing game -- strictly, following militaristic protocol, and using strategic tactics throughout. That means simply that you controlled your teams, telling them to shoot, cover (always cover), or run and run and run. But the thing is, you never really did the things yourself.

Now FSW: Teh Hammers looks great and all, but as a girl who plays fighting and puzzle games, I have to say that the game wasnt' for me. Now don't get me wrong, if you're into tactics and strategy (said the SNL way), than for sure this is for you. When I mentioned to my brother the game I just saw, he began to drool, so yes, for a lot of you out there, this game will rock your world. Yeah, I went back in time for that line. Anyhow, if you're looking for crazy explosions and firepower, you'd better be looking elsewhere. This game, originally designed with US tax research and design dollars, has been parlayed into a tough strategy game, but not an explosive one. It's all about time, management, and teamwork.

Now get ready soldier, you're going into war.


Marcus said...

Thank you for reminding me why I can't flunk out of college. If only we were civilized enough to fight our wars in video games, then I might consider signing up for the Ace Combat program in the Air Force.

And thanx for the info on firefox. I had a feeling I would have to use internet explorer, I just hoped there was another way. For not knowing what they are doing, MTV sure made those videos difficult to watch.

Mooch Rex said...

Thanks for finding out that info Chi-lan. I hope MTV burns in technological hell for not giving some electronic love to the Mac. Damn you MTV.

The FSW game sounds interesting, but I'm not a big strategy guy when it comes to my FPS. I prefer to charge into a room, guns blazing, hot, empty casings ping-ping-pinging onto the floor, and asking questions later. If there was anyone left to ask, that is.

That's why I'm all a-titter (don't laugh dammit) in anticipation for "Black" which looks like one of the sickest shooters to ever grace a console. I can't wait for that game to hit so I can get my "shoot on". Yeah. I said "shoot-on". I coined it. Anyone who uses it from now on owes me a big, fat quarter.

I'm jealous you got to play "Black" Chi-lan, you lucky gal you. Did you give 'em hell?

Brent said...

Well I hope you were in China during Chinese New-Year!!!!

And now I know you love to play Vids... good deal. I'm not much of a gamer... I get bored too easily.