Wednesday, June 08, 2005

MTV Overdrive!!!!

Hey guys, here's what I did for MTV Overdrive...E3 baby!

(I hope that link works. It was sent to me and being on a Mac, well, let's just imagine me feverishly shaking my fist at the site)

Sure I didn't get totally indepth about all the cool new stuff stuffs you can get into at E3, but it was still fun. and I got to cut in line and look at the PS3. Rockin!

I am still in Germany, speaking embarrassingly small amounts of German, but putteriing around town buying water and bread, and looking at the greenest landscape Europe has to offer a visitor. Oh did I mention that the russian girl in the room next to me drinks a lot on her balcony at nights?

Push the button.


CBSpaceCowboy said...

The link didn't work for me Chi-Lan. Hope the vacation is still going good.

yam said...

The link doesn't work on Firefox, but I switched to IE and it seems to work OK, after downloading some extra plugin for the vid.

Hey, you look great in the interviews, Chi-Lan!

Marcus said...

Ya, it worked in iE just fine. It was pretty funny when you ran into a girl wearing the same thing.

yam said...

ohh, and I forgot to mention, was that Bai Ling you were hitting on, er, I mean was hitting on you and lifting up your top?... Whoa.

Michael said...

If you make out with Bai Ling I want details. We all want a movie but I will take what you give.

I liked the clips even if you do not make out with her.

Keep up the good work.