Friday, May 06, 2005

Appearance Updates!!!

All right, after 2 weeks of running a production marathon for Fox Reaity (I am still going strong here), I have a couple updates to give you guys.

Tonight on E! Entertainment, I will do a gadget segment for their 'E! Summer Entertainment Guide.' It airs
at 10:30pm E/P. Love that dual feed!

Stuff Magazine - looks like my article may be pushed to July or August, depending on when I can do the photoshoot. Sorry guys, but the concept (totally hot and underwraps right now...but I will reveal the secrets soon!) is gonna rock.

And to keep you all abreast of E3 happenings, I will be working with MTV2 and MTV Overdrive to deliver the coolest things gaming companies are flinging at the wall to see what sticks.

Ready, set, report!


CBSpaceCowboy said...

Glad to hear from you Chi-lan. Congrats on the article for stuff, and I will be sure to watch you on E! tonight. Hope to hear from you soon.

Mooch Rex said...

I'll keep my eyes peeled for your article Chi-lan.

Photoshoot that's hot AND underwraps. Hmmmm.

Vogueing it in a volcano, huh Chi-lan. That's cool, that's cool. I went into a volcano once. Uh, yeah, and then, Godzilla! Yeah! He came out of the lava, and I was all like "Hey Godzilla, I was here first!" and he was all like "SKREEEEEOOOOOONNNNKKKKKK"!! And then I jumped into the air, morphed into Jet Jaguar and scissor kicked him into oblivion. And then I had pie. Mmmmmmm. Pie.

yam said...

Cool! Got my Tivo all set.... :-)

Man, you are one busy person, Chi-Lan!

Brent said...

Chi-Lan I bet your iBook had smoke coming out of it.. ha ha. Did you upgrade to Tiger yet??? Hmmmmm?

It is like way cool dude'et

I am glad you are so busy.... I bet you will be podcasting soon. I just have that feeling.


Thaman said...
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Jason aka Dark Magician 25 said...

Wow can you say that our little Chi-Lan is one very busy girl. I mean if she keeps this up she will be one every network atleast once lol. Though I thought you said that your Stuff Magazine article would come out in July anyway...oh well my stupid memory lol.

Ohh one more thing. I personally think this is hilarious. My father, an older gentleman, recently starting re-watching G4. One weekend i came home from school, aka college, and he and i were talking and all of a sudden he looked at me and went. "Hey Jason they havent had that asian lady on that show you watch on in a long time what do you think happened to her??" So I had to expalin all about your blog and what had happened and that you had left G4. He was so sad he actually watched your segments and then would turn the channel, this is coming from a man who thought Robot Wars was the only show they had on lol. Oh well he wishes you the best of luck btw and i thought you might get a bit of a kick hearing that. L8r

Chi-Lan Lieu said...

Good to see all you guys back...

cbsspacecowboy, thanks for watching. you are ON IT!

mooch rex, if the pie was key lime, the fight was worth it.

Yam, great name. even better root vegetable.

Brent, I am on it.

Jason aka Dark magician, tell your papa he f&*% rocks! I never thought anyone would tune in just for me. that's just nice.

all right guys, before my brain oozes out of my head from exhaustion, I gots to go night-night.

Marcus said...

God, u leave one completely evil company just to be sucked into another one. No good can come from MTV. But Stuff photoshoot sounds hot.

Brent said...

Marcus... These are just stepping stones in her career. Besides you have to pay the rent... California is very expensive where she lives. I'm sure she has responsibilities... I am happy for Chi that she found other jobs so fast.

Remember she is selling not only her ability but her presentation... you can't wait around too long people have short memories of who you are.

Stepping stone.....

Mooch Rex said...

So you're a Key Lime girl, huh Chi-lan?

I've never had it. Is it worth the risk?

It's the green that's kept me away. It's shifty. As my dear old grandpappy used to say, "Never turn your back on a Key Lime pie sonny. It's Green. Green is shifty. Now hand me my prunes, I gots ta stay regular!!"

I hope you imagined a really, really old man's voice while you read that. It's really key.

I'm more of a pumpkin pie man m'self. But I'll give the Key Lime a try next time I'm in my local diner.

Morbid Bastard said...

Hi Chi-lan! I just saw one of your segments on E!. I wasn't even sure you weren't on G4 anymore, so I did a google, and I found a post by Pete C. on the G4 board with a link here. I wish I'd known about this sooner. You are definitely one of the coolest hosts G4 ever had! I hope to see more! PD77