Thursday, January 20, 2005

Awesomely Odd Products

Today is my first posting on my blog. Yup. I have decided to leap head first into the early nineties and create myself an online journal. Sure I should have a website, blog, servers, and a side of fries with all that, but to be honest, I am not an hugely public person, plus, who would want to read what I have to say? Well if you’re reading this, I guess you might. So this is why I started Chubby Brain. I guess I needed a place to write, so thanks for visiting.

A little bit about me. I have been working in TV for over 6 years and currently I host a cable show called THE SCREEN SAVERS, which airs on G4. I do a lot of product reviews, so I will post what I have covered recently here.

And today, I did a segment I like to call AWESOMELY ODD products. These are the products that were sent in and have no real point. Nonetheless, they are entertaining and at times, a downright hoot.

DVD Rewinder - Never Pay Another DVD Rewind Fee Again!
Lemme tell you a story about the DVD Rewinder (; $24.99). Now if you saw the segment, you should understand that the product is a joke. DVDs DO NOT NEED TO BE REWOUND. But the funny part is, during the show I am chatting in the IRC chatroom and soooo many people wrote to me, ‘um. DVDs rewind themselves’ and ‘this product is really unnecessary, IMHO.’ Oh right, thanks for clearing that up. Just gimme a sec while my wet cheese toast brain absorbs that.

Geek Man - Action Figure for the Ordinary Man
If you’re in love with Geek stuff for the sake of geekdom, well I have the perfect toy for you. Enter the Geek Man (; $15.99). He is the epitome of a jaundiced, Steve Jobs outfitted, pocket-protector brandishing crazy work-force warrior that attacks his days with his way too hot coffee mug, PDA, laptop, and removable glasses (Glasses on=Geek Man, Glasses off=still ugly).

Vinyl Killer - All-In-One Record Player
Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on. Oh wait, you say you just got that record and it is scratched and won’t play? And you paid a mint? Homey, get yourself a little thing called the Vinyl Killer (;; $80-120). This all-in-one cool, compact device that is molded into a nice roomy hippie van incorporates a record needle, speakers, and a super easy on and off switch. The come in a slew of colors to fit your fancy, and then there are the special editions, silver and blinged out gold. Just smashing. All right, even thought you’ll find this product nowhere near the Dollar Store (i.e. get your Benjamins ready), it is worth it so you can check your rare records before you buy. But remember, this thing is called the Vinyl Killer for a reason, so if you use this to play your records, they ain’t gonna be records for long.

Ear Bags - Bandless Ear Muffs
This is honestly one of the most pointless things I have come across in my life, and being a lover of Contemporary Art, there’s lots of competition for that title. Well Ear Bags (no I didn’t misspell that) are bandless earmuffs. There isn’t a band around your head, but you still have fleece to cover up your ears. And boy, your ears stay toasty. Now in cold-ass Germany I could have used these things, but now that I live in LA, they don’t help much, plus the name is just queer. You can get yourself a little bag action at - $12.95.

Peace brothas and sistas


Josh` said...

Uhhhh...If I remember right didn't you have a bunch of other posts Chi-lan? Or am I just losing my mind?

william said...

ahhhhh 2005...
a blast from the past. great stuff Chilan!