Monday, January 24, 2005

1/24/05 Road Trips are a' comin'

Ahh the sweet siren song of the open road calls and all I can do is answer. The last time I threw caution to the wind and hopped into my car for a trip to remember, I got lost, ate water logged cheese, and my travel buddy picked at my hair because there was nothing else to do!

Vowing never to take another cursed road trip again, I have compiled a list of all the gear you’ll need to make this sojourn and your travel buddy enjoyable. What can I say? Technology has made me a convenience zealot.

With the Magellan RoadMate 300 securely attached to my windshield, I will be lost no more! This fairly small unit is most compact and least expensive model from the GPS giants, Magellan. It promises to get you where you’re going - with a soothing voice (not like the mean ones inside of your head!) to guide you along the way. Even the name sounds adventurous!

Magellan RM 300 Features:

• Store up to 110MB on the internal memory, including preinstalled maps of the major roads of North America
• 14 parallel GPS channels; WAAS-enabled (Wide Area Augmentation System) for extreme accuracy to within 3 meters; TrueFix technology
• 3.5" color touch-screen display with 320 x 240 resolution and up to 32,000 colors
• Turn-by-turn guidance with voice prompt and auto rerouting
• Holds up to 2 million points of interest, 600 addresses (200 x 3 users), 30 tracks and 2,000 trackpoints
• Store additional maps on Secure Digital memory cards (not included) via built-in memory card slot
• Software includes 48 U.S. state maps and full coverage of Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico preloaded and ready to use

You know what really chaps my hide? Heat. Like the skin-scorching temperatures from your laptop as you’re watching the first 30 minutes of LOTR. Ouch! Well Lap, I’d like you to meet Averatec 6200 Mobile Theater laptop. What sets it apart is its ability to play DVDs without having to turn on and boot the PC. That means the computer won’t get hot while you watch a DVD. And with 260 minutes of play power from one battery charge, you can watch that LOTR epic without suffering 3rd degree burns. Plus you’ll have a computer for your travel journal. You plan on keeping one, right?

For a full-on, teched out article on the Averatec, check out Lab Rat Lawson Wong’s review:

Let me take a moment and tell you how I ended up on a long trip with the water logged cheese. Long story short, cheese goes in cooler with ice, ice melts, ruins my cheese, and I die a little inside. Today, I give all you travelers a solution to your hot and cold food needs for those long tumbleweed-filled drives.

The Sharper Image Hot + Cold Car Snack Box ($60) Features:
• Portable "mini fridge16 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" and weighs 8 lbs.
• Secure it on or between the seats and plug it into dashboard power socket.
• Peltier Effect electronics allow you to select "Cold" or "Hot."
• Insulated interior holds at least six 12-oz. beverage cans and a sandwich.

Now for one of the hottest little devices I’ve ever gotten my hands on: the Delphi MyFi –the first personal and portable XM satellite radio. What makes this thing so cool? Well MyFi fits in the palm of my hand, looks stylish, and gives me over 130 radio stations in the car, at the gym, and everywhere else.

The palm-sized MyFi, comes with a rechargeable integrated battery pack, antenna, remote control, headphones, home kit and vehicle kit, it’s perfect for the road, plane, or short walks to the kitchen.

Delphi MyFi Portable XM Satellite Radio:
• The first personal and portable XM satellite radio
• Breakthrough time-shifting "Memory Mode" capable of storing up to five hours of XM programming
• Integrated, rechargeable battery
• Built-in FM transmitter to make any FM radio and XM radio
• Everything you need in one package for car, home, and on-the-go
• Info Extras include a personalized stock and sports ticker
• Live XM listening mode
• Up to thirty channel presets
• Large, illuminated six-line LCD display

May peace and good fast food be with all you roadies as you take this sojourn by storm. HALLLOOO!

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